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Structural Engineering +

Building Envelope Inspection +

Design Services

- Colonna Consulting LLC -


We provide professional inspection, design, drawing, permit support, and consulting.

We provide structural reports and repair estimates to new home buyers.

For your building envelope: 

We can provide thermal imaging surveys to identify problem areas for insulation and weatherproofing typically used for heat savings and helping prevent water pipe freeze failures.


Providing professional inspection, design, and engineering support services to help you get your project done right.

Typical clients are home owners, sellers, buyers, and real estate agents.

Engineering Support Drawings Design Permits Inspection
Structural Engineering Design Support Drawings Permits
Sistering floor joists to stiffen a floor and correct a floor sag.
Floor Leveling.
Thermal Imaging to find areas of heat loss and air leaks.
LVL beam with beam hanger. Open concept structural details.
Roof Reinforcement LVL beam to eliminate roof sag.
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